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In most of the European cities it is basically compulsory using any kind of TGS devices. Even in Budapest loud guiding is forbidden at most religious sites. For this reason you can see more and more groups using our devices throughout the city.

Our daily rental has been available since 2011 in Budapest. In 2018 we had over 3000 groups and 109.000 guests using our wireless tour guide devices in Hungary and throughout Europe. Including the Vox devices in your city tours does not need alot of extra work! Even more it gives lots of extra advantages!

Just some of the advantages of using the VOX tour guide system:

  • Your guest can hear all your commentaries even on locations where noise could disturb the presentation

  • There will be no "surprise" guests in your group who wish to join you

  • Guests can take pictures, focus on arts during your speach without loosing any words!

  • You can maximalise the length of the tour. There are no blacout times when you just keep walking but guests get no information. During your walking tours you can present smaller interest places as well.



We only accept reservation by email or online. No phone bookings are accepted. We reconfirm your group as soon as possible. We are able to accomodate group even in a few hours in most cases.

If you are asking for a quotation please bare in mind that our terms and conditions can be found on our website. Our prices and fixes and do not include comissions. 

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